When Your Husband Tells You He Wants To Join The Military

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I was pretty blind sided by the initial conversation. In the almost 4 years that Taylor and I had known each other, he had only mentioned his desire to join the military a couple of times. Most of those discussions were tied to his high school days, and his desire to enlist when he graduated. He obviously didn’t follow through with those plans and chose to pursue collegiate track and a career as a Physical Therapist instead, which is where I entered the picture. But that desire never really went away for him, and when he discovered that he had the option to combine his dream of becoming a Physical Therapist with his dream of serving his country, it was a no brainer for him.

I, however, wasn’t convinced. I didn’t necessarily have the specifics of our post Physical Therapy school life figured out, but I knew for certain that it did not include the military. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything scarier. I have never really felt the need for an adventurous life. I would be perfectly content to never go anywhere.  I mean, what could possibly be better than central Nebraska? And how on earth was I going to tell my mom that Taylor was going to pursue something that could put us on the other side of the world?

With all that being said, Taylor is currently applying for a very competitive position (15 spots nationwide) to serve as a Physical Therapist in the Air Force. We don’t know if he’ll get it or not, but the further he gets into the application process, the more I can see his dreams for his career coming to life. And you guys, he’s so stinkin excited about it.

I still have my days where I want to settle in and buy a house and live there for the rest of our lives. But that’s the thing with marriage. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the dreams and plans in your own mind to make room for the dreams and plans in your husband’s mind. And eventually, you no longer see them as his and hers, but rather as ours.

And that’s where we are right now. I’m still scared out of my mind, and the thought of moving far away from my family makes me want to hide under a blanket in my childhood bed and never come out. But wherever we go, I’m not going alone. I’m going with my husband, and we’re bringing with us some pretty crazy dreams and hopes and wishes for ourselves and our family. And if this doesn’t work out, we’ll bring all those things with us back to central Nebraska and spend the rest of our lives chasing dreams that are equally exciting.

Oh darling, let’s be adventurers.

Just kidding. I don’t really like that phrase. Whenever I see it my natural response is “oh darling, let’s be responsible and get jobs and pay our bills.” But I don’t think we’ll be seeing that in Hobby Lobby’s wood sign decor section any time soon (but just in case we do…dibs!). And now that I see it in writing I realize that makes me sound 53 instead 23. So adventure we must. And adventure we will. AND I’M REALLY EXCITED! Taylor has a week long Spring Break in March and I am peacing out of the gym for the week. We’re joining our favorite duo-recently-turned-trio the Coffee’s (Caleb, Kayla, and Emerson) and making the 12 hour drive down to Texas. We’ll spend the first couple days in Lubbock with Kayla’s sister and my non-biological sister Jayna and her husband Ben and then head to Ben’s family ranch in Abilene for the majority of the week. I plan on filling the trip with lots of good coffee (both the people and the drink), good books, fun pictures, exercise, and uninterrupted relaxation with my husband, who by the way is pretty convinced he’s going wild hog hunting while we’re there. And is also currently shopping for cowboy boots and singing ‘Amarillo by Morning’. Just kidding, It’s actually me who’s been singing that.

Anyway, it’s a couple months out, but you can bet I’ll be blowing up your instagram feed with  #majoffeeroadtrip. Majerus + Coffee=Majoffee. Obviously.

See you soon Texas!

PS-any recommendations for us?!?


a kristin blog

my name is kristin, and this is my blog.

this little blog project has been on my list for like two years. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been going about my days and get hit with a thought and be like “oh! i should write about that!” or “oh! that would make a cute blog post… if i had a blog”. so this is me, giving those thoughts a home. for those of you who know me in real life, you know that there’s some layers to this personality of mine. my challenge is figuring out how to channel those layers into one cohesive blog. my favorite book series from childhood is the junie b. jones series. junie starts out each book with the phrase “my name is junie b. jones. the b stands for beatrice, but i don’t like beatrice. i just like b and that’s all.” i love junie’s confidence and comfort in just being junie. so this is me, just being kristin. buckle up.

my name is kristin k. majerus. the k stands for kay, which i actually love because it’s the middle name my grandma chose for my mom and the middle name my mom chose for me. if you’re going to frequent here, there’s some things you should know about me.  first and foremost, my heart belongs to Jesus Christ. and once you give your heart to Him, His truth invades the rest of your life. it can’t be compartmentalized. i sometimes get hit with such a radical Truth i feel the need to write it down in order to process it. so you’ll get some of those thoughts here. my heart also belongs to my  husband and cat daddy taylor. i’m surprised by him and his taylor-isms every day. i’m also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, so i spend most days wearing exercise clothes and not make up. in the next breath, i love curling my hair and wearing dresses any chance i get. i love finding inspiration online and recreating it with my own hands. i also love laying on the couch doing nothing.  i can appreciate the athleticism of a college quarterback and the beauty of the perfect shade of pink in the same thought. i’ve had baby fever since i was 15. i was an all-american pole vaulter in college.  i’ve read every nicholas sparks book. i love my cats way beyond a socially acceptable level. i can bench press 155 pounds but don’t know how to run our dvd player.

my name is kristin, and this is my blog.